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Friday, February 17th, 2006
3:10 pm
So since I got back to school I hadn't had any urge to wear, baiscly because of my g/f, but we have broken up now. And after a while I figured why not try it again. The diapers I have here ate blue attends and very tight and small on me so I didn't like them much compared to the bigger ones with waist bands, but I can wear them under my clothing without anyone noticeing. So I have worn at night and in the day the last few days, but not much. Only problem is that I need some plastic panties b/c they leaked! I was double diapered but they are small on the leg gathers and it came out! I have been airing out the room and washing the chair they leaked on, my rommmate has bene gone since 7am and will be abck at 5:30 so I think it should be good by then. As soon as you walk in you smell somehtign for a sec then nothign else, except maybe some febreeze. My camera isn't working! I wanna take pics!
Friday, January 6th, 2006
12:48 am
So I am home for Xmas break still and my dads been home for the most part and we were suppost to go to flordia for week and a half to see my grandparents, but she has to get gullbladder surgery so we won't be going I highly doubt. I was going to the movie gallery and looking at the new releases for the new herzog video and found it. On my way out I went into the store next door, a dallor tree or something like that and looked around and found that they had diapers. I had thrown my depends overnites away when I left for school (big mistake b/c I wanted some). I didn't want to get a lot of diapers b/c I have no time to use them completly or half of the bag usualy. I looked through to find all pull up underwear and noticed a bag of 10 whatever brand of store it was adult diapers for $5. I got them and put one on after I left b/c I had to pee. It took one wetting, and when I sat down on the ground (just diaper on, it leaked out. The tapes come off easily too. I was thinking about jsut getting a smalll bag of other acutal good diapers now. Maybe eckard or some with only like 12 in it. I will prob doble or triple these when I wear them for obvious reaosns and also b/c I like them thick. Maybe i'll put some pics up too.
Sunday, December 25th, 2005
1:35 am
It seems like everytimg I come home form school I get a strong urge to wear diapers. The same goes with masturbating, I always do wuite a bit when I get home, basicly b/c at school with a roommate you can't whenever and only get time to yourself every now and a great time(case with me). I wonder if I didn't have that if my diaper urge would be stronger at school, it's really not at all there.
1:16 am
To start off
I finaly decided to write in this journal. First off I am now 20. As a child I've always had a fasination for diapers. I remember being 4 or so and at the babysitters where their were other toddles who couldn't talk yet and feeling their diaper and the diapers there. There was this one girl there named Bri and she was the grandson of the babysitter. Every now and then she would want to be put into diapers and she would get it. I remember being so jealous at her and wanting the same, and knowing that when she dind't want to wear diapers anymore was b/c she had used them and wanted out. Then i went to another babysitters a little ways away from that but only a few miles while my mom continued to work. I would to there in the summer from Mon-Fri in the day. It was me and a family my mom knew, who had a girl a year younger than me or older I can't forget and a boy 2 years younger than me? I forget. I haven't talked to them in a while now. Anyways I remember one time asking him if he liked diapers and he did also. He would say he had a dream about wetting on and messing on and wearing it around. We tried to find diapers and would wear baby doll ones under our underwear. I dunno if he still likes them or not now. For years I dind't wear any and when I got the internet I found out a lot of other people liked the same things and that it was a common fetish on a list of fetishes. During my middle school years, the last few I would attempt to make homemade diapers. My parents both went to work all day and I would be home a lone after school for a while and all summer. It wasn;t until last summer, going into being a sophmore in college that I acutally had enough nerve to buy diapers and be able to hide them in my house. My mom is very nosey and looks through stuff, but I really don't care what people think about me at all. The only thing is, I had a job at a camp and it was only suppost to be for 2 weeks but ended up being for 5 or so. Also my dad retired after 2 weeks of doing it. So I had all these thick overnight diapers and now someone was alsmot always home. I got to wear maybe 8 times and not for long each time. Only a few times most of the day. It sucked so much. The diapers were so thick and I liked having 3-4 on at once to make it thicker, but there was no way I could wet that much in a time period. Then I went back to school and dind't have much of an interest in it for a while. Before I left I got rid of my baby stuff. Then towards the end of the 1st sem I had a strong urge and wanted to get some Attends b/c they were more babyish. I ordered some off ebay and thoguht I was getting 1 bag, but got 1. Thats 48 diapers. The only thing is these attends are the blue kind and are small. I got small b/c the med depends were huge. These ones have no waist band, its ok but they are really really snug. the tapes barely hit and they only come up short of my belly button. Thats ok for a girl, but guys have penis's so its a problem. If its not positioned down and I pee its going up my shirt. I can hook 2 together and it would be fine, but I haven't even gotten to wear any at school b/c of my roomate who is always there/ I am gonna wear them under my clothing around at school b/c they are so small. I am changing rooms and may have a single for a while. So I would love to wear, but I want to get a dif kind of attends. I have a g/f, have had for about 4 mounths now and I know she would be ok of it. Shes always talking about poop and defeciating for jokes. Like what would you do if you woke up and izumi was in the corner defecating in a cup, or she will be like poop in a cup! out of no where. She has even talked about diapers. Asking me if I would put one on go into my neighbors room lay down on the bed, (I would be wearing a big shirt to cover the diapers), then spread my legs and be like man I really have to pee, then stand up and pretend to pee. She wants me to do this as a joke to people, and is like I can get you diapers too, my grandmother has them. She also said shes into some wierd stuff but hasn't told me what yet, nor does she know about this.
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
2:24 pm

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